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How Effective is Karate as a Martial Art?

How Effective is Karate as a Martial Art?

If you’ve been told that karate is a great martial art to learn, you’ve been told correctly. But you may be looking to do a little bit of research of your own into just how effective karate is and how well it holds up to other martial arts classes in your area. If this is the case, you’re in luck, as the following information discusses the effectiveness of karate in detail.

In order for an individual to be effective using karate technique, it is crucial that the practitioner apply the most high-level punch or strike impulse upon impact while keeping a strong body base while executing the technique (Cesari & Bertucco, 2007). Here a test was conducted utilizing two different karate techniques involving a punch performed by both a trained practitioner and a novice practitioner. The participants were instructed to stand on a platform and punch a 25 kg box as hard as they could. The center of pressure migration as well as the kinematics of the striking arm were examined. The outcome came as no surprise that the trained practitioners outperformed the novices in terms of speed and power. The trained practitioners produced a higher degree of forearm speed, much bigger box displacement and a stronger impulse at the box during the strike.

Cesari and Bertocco (2007) also found that while the center of pressure area regarded both during and after the strike was performed was identical for both groups, the degree of backward center of pressure displacement per unit of applied impulse was much lower for the trained practitioners as compared to the novice practitioners. This is a result of the trained practitioners using the specific strategy to maintain body connection and stability when executing a technique.

In the martial art of karate, the basic techniques such as kicking or punching can be done in either a stationary position or while stepping forward, backward, or to the side, providing flexibility and creativity in their use. Whether applied in a stationary position or while moving, in order to show proficiency, the karate practitioner must be able to 30 produce upper limb velocity and power in conjunction with a dynamic control of body connection and stability during the course of action. It is well known that karate practitioners generally have upper limb power and velocity development. However, very little research has been conducted on how karate practitioners are able to displace their upper body and arms while at the same time maintaining body alignment, balance, and connection (Cesari & Bertucco, 2007).

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